Differential Equations

I designed this Differential Equations course with students of Engineering and Applied Sciences as the main audience. Instead of only focusing on the theory behind differential equations techniques, I teach each topic by introducing important applications in physics, biology, economics, and other sciences. At the end of each term, students work on projects, where they either

  1. present a more advanced topic that was not covered during the course, and use numerical techniques combined with data to present how it can be applied in practice, or

  2. modify a classical differential equations model and apply it to current problems of interest.

Below I have selected some student projects from various semesters. I supervise students in their end-of-term research, and guide them in making valid assumptions, as well as in using relevant data sources.

Course Calendar

Selected Student Projects

A Survey of Stochastic Ordinary Differential Equations, Fall 2019

Synchronization of Fireflies, Fall 2019

Lorentz Equations and Chaos, Spring 2020

A Modified SIR Model with Vaccination, Spring 2021

The SIRV Model and its Applications to the COVID-19 Pandemic in India, Spring 2021

Applications of Lotka-Volterra Equations in Economics: Goodwin’s Model, Spring 2021